America’s Cup fever starts early in the year, and we interview San Rafael’s John Kostecki on his role in the big event. In each subsequent issue we try to demystify the event via charts, illustrations and interviews with the local sailors involved. With the help of sailing expert Stephanie Martin, we create a separate publication dedicated to the America’s Cup race and festivities. In addition, we put the spotlight on Marin’s live music scene and introduce the next generation of rock legends, talk to some impressive female ranchers, and launch our annual Marin Tastemakers feature.


FEBRUARY We announce the upcoming installation of 25,000 white energy efficient LED lights on the Bay Bridge, in keeping with artist Leo Villareal’s vision.

APRIL To celebrate the upcoming America’s Cup venue, writer Kimball Livingston extols the virtues of the 60-by-12-mile San Francisco Bay.

MAY When Jennifer Woodlief tackles the issue of teen binge drinking here in Marin, she interviews Branson School then-headmaster Woody Price, who canceled school dances until the students came up with a solution to prevent repeats of a drinking incident that occurred earlier that year. Price would face his own troubles the next year.

JUNE Calin Van Paris salutes the 100th anniversary of the Mountain Play with a clever numbers roundup. Did you know 4,000 people can fit comfortably in the amphitheater?

AUGUST We celebrate Equator Coffee’s first cafe, near Proof Lab in Mill Valley.

OCTOBER With a two-month lead time for stories, we are not usually breaking news — but in writer Jennifer Woodlief’s “Myth or Reality” story we learn that Marin County does not, as is often reported, have the highest breast cancer rate in the country.

NOVEMBER Dawn Margolis Denberg reports on the new bee-hospitality trend in her article “Honey, Honey.”

DECEMBER Have you heard this one? “Toast to the ’Tenders” introduces six favorite Marin bartenders as well as their favorite drinks and bar jokes.

“I really like running into someone I went to middle school with or driving by the old Redwood baseball field or the new track with fake grass that puts a smile on my face. I drive by and say things like, ‘Wow, they didn’t have Astroturf at schools back in my day.’” Gavin Newsom on why he loves living in Marin


In the story “Quest for Zero,” homeowner Kiki Goshay discovers that a home’s energy performance is as critical as its construction and that sustainability can be a moving target.