Faces of Marin 2017

Faces of Marin 2017, Marin Magazine


WELCOME TO THE SECOND ANNUAL FACES OF MARIN. In the following gallery we introduce you to the people behind the businesses that make our county thrive. One of the most coveted places to live in the entire country, Marin County includes miles of shoreline abutting both the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The area’s beautiful centerpiece, Mount Tamalpais, is not just a natural setting for hiking and biking and traditions like the Dipsea Race and pancake breakfasts at the Mountain Home Inn; it’s also a majestic beacon guiding us home.

Every day we cross paths with countless people as we go about our busy lives. Some we interact with, whether it’s a retail transaction or waving to a neighbor walking the dog; others we merely pass as they peek in a shop window or answer an email on their phone. Many of these people are the ones who make your favorite local businesses live and grow. They are the ones you’ll see behind the counter, at a desk or on your doorstep. So take a moment to really come face to face with these important Marin personalities. When you think about it, every business is a people business. And it’s not just clients and customers; there are important personalities driving the success of every endeavor.