three locations,

Top Seller Quinoa and Crunchy Veggie Salad with quinoa, edamame, cabbage, cucumber, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, mint, romaine lettuce, toasted almonds and tangy miso dressing, $11.95

Why “It is super healthy. I told chef Nicholas that I wanted to add a grain-based salad with a lot of veggies to the menu and this is what he came up with. The miso dressing is the perfect touch, light and tangy.” Owner Carol Levalley

Sold About 275 a week, 14,300 a year

15 E. Blithedale Ave, Mill Valley,

Top Seller Pad Thai Wrap, $10.99

Why “I was inspired by the spices of Thai food. Ours is a collard wrap filled with low-carb vegetable noodles, cilantro and fresh mint with a lime, ginger, almond butter dipping sauce. It represents our philosophy that food is healing. This is a fully plant-based dish.” Chef/Owner Neka Pasquale

Sold 7,000 a year

335 San Anselmo Ave, San Anselmo,

Top Seller Roasted market vegetables over creamy parmesan polenta with balsamic reduction, $12.95

Why “This time of year, nothing says comfort food like a bowl of creamy polenta or grits. The combination of the rich creamy polenta with the slightly sweet and tart balsamic reduction really complements the roasted vegetables, which I think makes this such a popular dish. Putting the egg on top adds protein, making it an ideal breakfast, lunch or even dinner, when paired with a salad. The season is what inspires us.” Chef/Owner Glen Miwa

Sold About 20 orders a day

335 Corte Madera Town Center, Corte Madera,

Top Seller Winter Mix, $12.50

Why “We use produce from our sister farm, Oak Hill Farm in Sonoma. People are learning to eat seasonally again and can appreciate what that means especially for our local farmers.” Co-owner Brooke Gray

Sold About 600 a week

800 Redwood Hwy, Mill Valley,

Top Seller Tuscan Fried Chicken with kabocha squash, braised kale and spicy honey, $23

Why “Because it is comfort food. We always use free-range chicken (Mary’s) and change the set with the seasons, incorporating locally grown produce. Currently, the fried chicken is served with kabocha squash, braised kale and spicy honey. It always comes with a drizzle of the spicy honey. I love the agrodolce aspect of Italian cooking so I thought it would be delicious.” Chef Bradley Ceynowa

Sold About 40 a day


Carol’s Go-To Gnudi at Poggio in Sausalito

Glen’s Go-To Chorizo scramble at the Hummingbird Cafe in Fairfax

Neka’s Go-To A nice glass of wine at Picco in Larkspur with the avocado bruschetta

Brooke’s Go-To Molina for brunch

Bradley’s Go-To The fish and chips at Fish in Sausalito

Honorable Mentions

Sol Food, Mill Valley and San Rafael; Cibo, Sausalito; Theresa and Johnny’s Comfort Food, San Rafael; Fish, Sausalito; Hilltop 1892, Novato