View From Marin

WE KICK THINGS off this month with a look at the Grateful Dead at 50. The band has a rich history here and Novato photographer Bob Minkin has followed the Dead since the 1970s to document it. His photo essay marks highlights through the decades right up to the present day. Can anyone spare a miracle ticket?

Next up, writer Ann Wycoff looks at how Marin County’s top minds from places like the Buck Institute are weighing in on the important topic of healthy living and longevity. It is part one of a two-part series, so be sure to look for the second installment in the August issue.

When it comes to health, most agree that light summer meals taste even better when you cook on the grill. Food writer Lynda Balslev shares five festive recipes great for entertaining. We wind up features with writer Carrie Kirby’s look at opportunities and pitfalls in the improved economy.

Up front, we’ve got all you need to know about bridge tolls, places to see wildlife and buggy “bites.” We also introduce you to artist Tom Killion, promoter Bob Ayres, Congressman Jared Huffman and other local players.

Destinations presents a roundup of nearby waterfront destinations ideal for your next staycation. And Appellations provides tips for getting the most from your next wine country adventure.

It’s a jam-packed issue with information to help you stay healthy and have a great summer. And whether it is your first or your 50th, we hope you have a great time if you decide to attend any of the Grateful Dead’s final shows.


To shoot this month’s feature on grilling and alfresco dining, we needed one thing above everything else: a good-looking grill. For that, we turned to Executive Editor Mimi Towle’s parents-in-law. Sally and Mike Gallagher of Kentfield were thrilled to see their daughter-in-law and our staff in action. Afterward, everyone enjoyed the delicious results. Photos by Veronica Sooley