5 Uniquely Hawaiian Healing Treatments on Oahu

5 Uniquely Hawaiian Healing Treatments on Oahu, Marin Magazine

1. Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Facial 

Naupaka Spa & Wellness Centre at Four Seasons Ko Olina

This five-floor spa and wellness center offers something for everyone from five tennis courts to feng shui haircuts, to keiki treatments for the kids, to a men’s shave paired with a nice cold brew. They offer a variety of anti-aging treatments, but the ultimate one is properly named the Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Facial. Warm Rose Quartz crystals are used to massage the healing Samadara Crème into the skin to promote collagen production and circulation. 

This treatment leaves you looking younger, firmer, and absolutely glowing thanks to the ancient Ayurvedic practice of crystal healing and facial massage. Be sure to hit up the Himalayan salt chambers while you’re there for some halotherapy, or breathing in salty air, a practice that is proven to improve mood and respiratory health.



2. North Shore Therapeutic Massage

If you’re looking for something a little more low-key where they won’t mind as much if you happen to be running on island timethis is the perfect experience for you. While simple and cozy, there’s no shortage of Aloha at this local spot. They boast plenty of holistic healing treatments for your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being and you can choose from a long list of massage techniques and energy healing sessions to melt away any stress you may be carrying with you. With their commitment to treating people as a whole, this is the perfect place on the North Shore for some intensive reinvigorating and relaxation.



3. Kala Ko‘iKo‘i Lomilomi

The Kahala Hotel and Resort

The Spa at the Kahala Hotel and Resort offers an authentic Hawaiian experience by starting all of their signature treatments with a Ho’omaka Foot Ritual. This consists of a grounding foot soak and scrub using  Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt, along with a soothing  eye mask infused with cooling Kinehe flower essence to center yourself before the treatment begins. The name “Kala Ko’iKo’i” translates to relief of stress or weight being lifted so there’s no doubt that this is the perfect treatment for relaxation that will last until well after your trip. This 120 min treatment includes a dry bristle brush exfoliation and Hawaiian-inspired body polish, but the real magic lies in the warm Pohaku stones and hand-carved wooden Lomi Lomi stick used to hit those hard-to-reach knots and rid your body of any soreness or stiffness with moderate to higher pressure.



4. Kilikili

Laniwai Spa at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa

This spa is kid-friendly AND teen-approved! Is your teenager dealing with stressful SAT prep and college applications? Treat them to a massage or skin-clearing facial at the separate teen spa Painted Sky located next to Laniwai. They have an impressive plethora of treatments for adults as well like the luxurious Kilikili (Fine Gentle Rain) experience consisting of a head-to-toe exfoliation for soft glowing skin and a traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi massage embellished with warm water jets across your back for maximum muscle relief and rejuvenation. 



5. Ho’olele Signature Massage


Even if you’re not staying at this iconic five-star spot, you can still book a treatment at their beautiful location, sitting right on the turquoise waters of Waikiki beach. They offer two full menus of treatments: one inspired by Hawaiian and Polynesian treatments and the other incorporating Eastern medicine from acupressure to acupuncture (fully licensed, of course). One of their signature Hawaiian treatments is the Ho’olele barefoot massage, described as “intense yet soothing”. They also offer a range of facial and body treatments for all your relaxation needs. If you happen to forget the sunscreen one day and you need a little extra help putting aloe on your back, they offer a post-sun “After Glow” body treatment with the healing benefits of aloe vera and the native Noni fruit.