Beyond Waikiki

Heading to Oahu anytime soon? Mostly likely you’ll be wanting to go to a beach. While thousands of your fellow visitors will be heading to Hanauma Bay or spending your time on Waikik Beachi, we’d like to offer you a few less crowded options. Here’s a run down of some of my favorite beaches on Oahu.

On the North Shore

Waimea is my go-to. Besides the 30-foot big rock my kids love to jump off of during the summer, the water is clear and flat. Ideal for swogging! There are many other beaches to explore on the North Shore such as Sunset. Always ask a friendly local about currents and conditions before diving in.

On the Windward Side:

The most popular beach is Kailua Beach. There are lots of access points along North Kalaheo Blvd, but it’s best to just park at the official beach park.

On the West Side:

Finally, for those staying in Ko’olina but want to experience a less manicured beach experience, Poka’I Bay is about twenty minutes down the road and offers shallow calm waters behind the protected cove, surf just beyond the reef and a gorgeous white sand beach.