This Summer’s Best Road Trips in the Bay Area for Sightseers, Foodies, and Disney-lovers

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This summer it’s time to get the car tuned up and consider getting out on the road. Whether you’re going south, east or north, we’ve got some exciting picks for family adventure, outdoor escape or the perfect romantic getaway.

Mendecino County North

Romantic Road trip to Mendocino from the Bay Area via Highway 101.

From wineries, chocolate tours and panoramic Pacific coast views, this is the ultimate trip for two.

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Disney LandSouth

Pack up the kids for the Ultimate Southern California Road trip.

From giant artichokes to giant dogs named Goofy. This will be the best road trip ever!

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Ultimate Yosemite Road trip from the Bay Area via Highway 120.

Head west, young man? Better yet, head east for these California treasures.

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This article originally appeared in Marin Magazine’s print edition under the headline: “Hit the Road.”