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In a county famed for its outdoor activities, there’s no shortage of events to that celebrate the great outdoors, whether its sports or events that help save the environment.

The Presidio Tunnel Tops Opening: Celebrating a World-Class Park With Stunning Views in San Francisco 

On July 17, thousands of visitors from all over the Bay Area trekked out to the Presidio to be the first to see the highly anticipated, years-in-the-making Tunnel Tops — a new, 14-acre stretch of public parkland built atop the two tunnels leading to and from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Opening day at the Presidio Tunnel Tops was a plethora of cultural performances, food trucks with a diversity of cuisines and many areas to explore, including a sweet new children’s playground.

The day’s events were co-curated by the Presidio Activator Council, consisting of  local leaders, activists, and artists who represent communities historically underrepresented in national parks, with the intention of making the Tunnel Tops distinctly feel like a welcome space for all.

“There was a lot of intentionality in having the Activators at Presidio Tunnel Tops,” said Kaushik Roy, Presidio Activator. “There’s a difference between saying everyone is welcome and making those people feel welcome. What we can do is create programming that keeps those communities in mind and makes people feel like they’re truly wanted and they’re not an after-thought.”

Along with a free, expansive, view-laden space to enjoy at the Tunnel Tops, the Presidio is hosting a First Sunday Afternoons series, ranger talks in the campfire area, and will be adding other programs on an ongoing basis.

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