Dog-of-the-Month August: Zeus


If you happen to be on San Anselmo Avenue and wander into a shop called Dogville, you’ll most likely come across a giant grey Great Dane. His name is Zeus, and he’s the mascot of the shop. And his name fits him perfectly: at 170 pounds and standing at 38.5 inches and the shoulder, he has a godlike stature befitting of his name.

Zeus was rescued by Staysea Colteaux, the owner of Dogville. She opened the shop 11 years ago. Zeus joined Dogville four and half years ago. “Ever since he first came in for his first day of work, he fit right in, and has been our most handsome mascot ever since,” she says.

“I love this dog with my whole heart –  my boyfriend often jokes that if it came down to him or Zeus, he knows who would win,” Staysea says.


How did the two of you meet?

Zeus is a rescue – I got him when he was one and a half years old.

How does he feel about being Dogville’s mascot?

He loves being the shop mascot, but he especially loves when kids come in, he sings to them when they are outside to try to entice them to come in for some big sloppy kisses.

He has a huge fan club here at the store and people regularly come in just to show him to friends and family who have not yet seen him yet.

Does he sleep in your bed?

He doesn’t sleep in my bed, but he has his own custom triple decker bed with extra cushions and blankets.

He is spoiled rotten as he should be… he has an entire toy bin which when a friend comes over he picks out a toy for them and greets them at the door with it.

Tell us something unique about Zeus.

I also have horses, and one of Zeus’s favorite things to do is go to the barn and run around the arena doing his famous rodeo spins which entertains all of my barn friends!

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Jessica Gliddon

Jessica Gliddon is the Group Digital Content Manager for Marin Magazine. An international writer and editor, she has worked on publications in the UK, Dubai and Cape Town. She is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz, and is the former editor of Abu Dhabi’s airline magazine, Etihad Inflight. When she’s not checking out the latest exhibit at SFMOMA or searching out the best places to eat and drink near her home in San Francisco, she volunteers at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.