Editor’s Letter: Eustress, We Stress — the Positive Side of Stress!

Editor's Letter, October 2023

It’s officially fall, and kids (and adults) are contemplating Halloween costumes as baseball and football are gracing our screens. October is usually a month to chill for me after a hectic summer before gearing up for the holidays. Hectic summer? We had a lot going on here at 270 Media. At the conclusion of one particularly overwhelming, but productive meeting, my mom, Nikki, stated, “Well, this is a great example of eustress.” Have you heard the term eustress? According to Merriam-Webster, it is a positive form of stress having a beneficial effect on health, motivation, performance, and emotional well-being. 

This indeed was a year full of eustress. Here at Marin Magazine we are celebrating our one year anniversary of getting Marin Magazine back under our 270 Media umbrella. If you’ve ever lost control of something you created and loved then got it back again, I’m sure you can appreciate how good it feels to get it back and then make it better than ever. In this issue, we celebrate home design in SPACES, and this month, it’s also about the home where your heart is. 

We hope you enjoy some of the changes we’ve made. This past January, art designer Lisa Hilgers and founder Nikki Wood put their heads together to bring back the clean, “more white space” look to our pages, including a refresh to Dine, Calendar and our regular departments. Due to popular demand we brought back Jim Wood’s Looking Back page, a perennial favorite, which inspired a book of historical Marin treasures. On the digital side, Jess Gliddon, with a little input from Kasia Pawlowska and I, zhuzhed up our most visited website pages including Where to Eat (in each town), Summer Camps and Home Resources, while Leah Bronson, Lesley Cesare and Sharon Coleman weighed in on how to best represent our partners throughout our pages online and in print. Despite breaking her leg the week we celebrated our homecoming, Alex French has kept us on track and deadline since day one. Nikki C. brought her awesome energy and experience to our Best of the County party, which was our biggest ever and included more than 750 local businesses. She also got together with Kevin Blum of Marin Dish to create our first ever Mill Valley Restaurant Rally, an event that brings diners from all over Marin and beyond to try the town’s best restaurant via seasonal tasting menus created just for that week. Grace Towle, our Oahu correspondent, stepped in to not only write articles, but to upload content and bring her Virgo sensibilities to managing our awesome summer interns. And because of these changes, Maeve, our longtime controller, has been happily bringing checks to the bank. Our trusty staff of department editors — Lotus Abrams, Christina Mueller and Donna Berry Glass — have all found their groove helping us get to the printer on time each month. None of this would have been possible if Susan Noyes, who purchased it in the fall of 2017, hadn’t been gracious enough to let us buy the magazine back, so it’s a full circle of gratitude. 

Thank you for reading through what might be considered a brag rag, but it’s such an honor to be part of this team and I wanted to highlight just a small part of what our team does each month.

With warmest regards,

Mimi Towle, Editorial Director, Marin Magazine

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