Expert Tips on How to Care for an Elderly Dog

elderly dog

The challenges of puppies are well known, from the difficulties of house-training to enthusiastically ruining the sofa. Older dogs present their own challenges as aging issues start to pop up. But that doesn’t make those issues insurmountable, and it shouldn’t discourage any dog lover from adopting a furry friend that’s in their senior years. Here are some tips from the Modern Animal in Strawberry and Marin Humane to give you a handy guide.

Paw Patrol

While puppies can run wild in the house, older dogs often have arthritis or similar issues that make hardwood floors challenging for them. Putting down carpets or even yoga mats is a great way to keep your dog from slipping, even if they’re not scampering around as much as they used to. Some older dogs take to wandering around at night, so make sure to block off any stairs or rooms that you don’t want them getting into. 

Nap Time

As your dog gets older, they’re going to need more and more soft places to nap in, especially if they have arthritis. Keep a separate, safe spot for them with their favorite dog bed, and make sure it’s warm and cozy so they don’t shiver. Don’t worry about them shredding their bedding, as older dogs aren’t as inclined to turn furniture into chew toys as younger dogs are. 


When you pick out a new puppy, you have no idea what kind of personality they’ll have when they grow up. Older dogs are already settled into their ways and you can know what they’re like before you bring them home. If you know you want a more snuggle-friendly pet or one that likes independence, you’ll have the ability to be a lot more choosy with older dogs. An additional bonus is that you won’t need to worry about potty training! 

Low Energy?

Some people love having canine companions but can’t keep up with the hyperactive nature of younger dogs, whether that’s not having enough time for long walks or hesitancy to have to dog-proof your expensive furniture. Older dogs are more laid-back and generally prefer to nap on your feet than running hot on your heels.