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OTHER THAN THE year being 1934 or soon after, the actual date this aerial photograph was taken is unknown (a few sources contend it was really taken in April 1935). What seems to be reasonably agreed on is that the Golden Gate Bridge’s Marin, or north, tower — on which construction had commenced November 7, 1933 — was completed by either June 28 or sometime in November of 1934. As for the battleships heading out to sea, that is definitely part of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Meanwhile, on Angel Island, in the center of this photo, the Angel Island Immigration Center, opened on the island’s backside in 1910 to process Asian immigrants, would remain open until 1940. In all, it processed more than a million immigrants prior to their entering America, leading it to be labeled “the Ellis Island of the West.” If other facts are known regarding this photograph, please email them to [email protected].