The Counter, Voted Marin Magazine’s 2019 Best of the County by Readers

The Counter

Conveniently nestled in Town Center Corte Madera, The Counter is a favorite for kids and adults alike, with build-your-own burger options offering exotic proteins like bison, mahi-mahi, or a surprisingly delicious, meat-free Impossible™ Burger. The specials are remarkable and rotate seasonally, but with build your own burgers and milkshakes, the options are truly limitless.

The Counter

We spoke with Peter Katz, a managing partner with The Counter, to find out more about what makes this restaurant so unique.

How long has your restaurant been open?

We opened our doors in late August of 2009, so we’ve just celebrated our 10-year anniversary! We opened the restaurant with a fundraising event that supported Corte Madera schools and local first responders.

What inspired your unique fully customizable burger menu?

The original inspiration for The Counter was to provide a neighborhood hangout that served very high-quality, healthy and unique gourmet burgers that modernize the American classic. We offer over one million burger combinations and a broader menu that caters to a myriad of diets and preferences.

Other than the build-your-own-burger, what is your most popular menu item?

The build-your-own-burger accounts for about 65% of all entrées that are ordered. But this includes all sorts of proteins; not only all-natural, antibiotic and hormone-free, humanely raised beef, but also chicken, fried chicken, turkey, bison, Mahi, veggie and even the plant-based Impossible™ Burger.

But after the build-your-own, our most popular offering, believe it or not, is our Old School burger, which is really just a wonderfully delicious, old school cheeseburger, cooked to our guest’s specific temperature preference. You can order your burger anywhere from completely rare to very well done, and every burger is cooked to order.

What would you say is the restaurant’s specialty?

The Counter’s specialty is definitely choice. We have so many ingredient options so it can fit into anyone’s dietary needs. For example, we have an entire menu dedicated to gluten-free products. We also have a vegan menu, which is especially unique, since we are a gourmet burger restaurant. Many vegetarians and vegans say that our veggie burger is the best they have ever had. Guests also have the option to select their protein and choose from a variety of bun options or even order it on a bed of fresh greens. We have tasty options for guests of every preference and diet: paleo, gluten-free, vegan, low-carb, keto, etc.

The Counter

What sets The Counter apart from other burger places?

Besides the virtually unlimited choice, the quality and freshness standards, and the creative flavor profiles provided by the various homemade sauces, proteins, cheeses and other toppings; The Counter is unusual in that it offers full table service, a full bar, including beer, wine, spirits, and even “adult” milkshakes. You really ha e to look far and wide to find a similar combination of offerings and ambiance today.

What makes The Counter such an important part of the community?

I think locals enjoy a place that is comforting but at the same time crave-able. A place where adults can have an adult time but families can also ensure their kids have a great experience. And at reasonable prices for a full-service restaurant. Sure, you can get a burger at a lot of places, but there aren’t many that provide the experience we do. Additionally, we take our role in the community to heart, supporting it through many donations and fundraisers.

Why do you think that our readers voted you Best Kid’s Menu?

The Counter is known for its quality ingredients and juicy burgers. Adults love the food and so do kids! The Counter serves up delicious kids’ meals that are accompanied by a choice of side and drink. Kids can select from Mini Cheeseburgers serviced on King’s Sweet Hawaiian mini buns, hand-breaded chicken tenders, peanut butter and jelly on King’s Sweet Hawaiian mini buns or classic grilled cheese. Kids don’t care that our meats are hormone and antibiotic-free; they just know that the burgers are awesome.

Anything else you’d like to add/mention?

Yes. We have a few new things going on. We’ve introduced our own direct delivery option so by ordering right from The Counter website. We also very recently introduced a great new Happy Hour with some delicious but healthy vegetable offerings. And we are constantly changing our seasonal burger offerings to provide unique and delicious burger combinations. We offer onsite catering and grilling events for both businesses and residences.