Outside Lands 2018 Food Scene

Del Popolo Jon Darsky and his Mobile Pizza Truck Credit Matthew Millman, Outside Lands 2018 Food Scene, Marin Magazine

Let’s be real—half of the fun in going to Outside Lands is eating the food. This year’s GastroMagic “interactive foodie experience,” with over 80 Bay Area culinary partners, is a testament to that. Ask around and you’ll find that planning meals and snacks is almost as important as choosing music for the day. Fair warning, the following list has the potential to make your mouth water and prompt you to spontaneously purchase a ticket to Outside Lands 2019.

Here are our picks for the not-to-miss vendors of Outside Lands.

Rich Table, the creation of Michelin-chefs Evan and Sarah Rich, did not disappoint with their—wait for it—savory porcini mushroom doughnuts and raclette dip (think melty fondue). Yes, it’s now possible to eat doughnuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With their track record, and this dish’s popularity, you’ll have the chance to try it for yourself next year.


Rich Table

New kid on the block International Smoke, Ayesha Curry and Michael Mina’s collaboration, made a grand success out of its first appearance with its taste budrousing sweet and sour Dungeness crab tom kha soup. To say we’re excited is an understatement.


International Smoke

Del Popolo came to the rescue for all those who wanted a warm, gooey, artisanal pizza. Their notorious, custom-made food truck—built from a remodeled shipping container—has windows that span the length of the ordering side, allowing you to watch them cook your pizza in their wood-fired oven. Let’s face it, pizza is always the answer, so definitely look for them in 2019. 

Speaking of cheesy goodness, The Farmer’s Wife had two crunchy, grilled sandwiches which stole the show: an albacore tuna melt and a lamb merguez melt with sharp cheese and a chimichurri drizzle. These buttery, hearty sandwiches may have cost an arm and a leg, but it is absolutely worth it. Can’t go wrong with one of their concoctions next OL.

Last, but far from the least, is another newbie to the Outside Lands food scene: Dumpling Time. Because who doesn’t like dumplings? They know what they’re doing and they know their crowd. Outside Landers came in droves, pulled in by the warm little pillows of shrimp and pork siu mai and fresh sushi handrolls. Next year, get there early—they’re bound to be your next foggy-weather comfort food.

Honorable mention: Outside Lands’ veteran food truck, The Chairman, also served up bold and colorful bao (dim sum). Spicy chicken steamed baos and miso tofu baked baos satisfied our hungry bellies yet again, and are sure to do so next year as well.


The Chairman

That’s a wrap! There were so many great places to choose from, but these were our (and other fellow OLer’s) favorites. Be sure to check back with us in 2019 to hear more of our recommendations. 

Don’t forget to read our other articles to learn more about the festival and its commitment to the environment; you may be surprised. Until next year!

Sabrina Tuton-FilsonSabrina, a senior at Elon University studying Professional Writing and Fine Art, is currently exploring the intersection of her interests as an Editorial Intern at Marin Magazine. Born and raised in San Francisco/Marin, she loves traveling just as much as coming home to the Bay Area. She has curated a sophisticated palate for food, travel and culture and uses her travels as an outlet to develop her photography portfolio and hone her writing craft. Her dream is to work in the visual side of editorial (after globetrotting as a freelance writer and photojournalist).