If you’ve ever wanted to be a true Tahoe local…

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Lake Tahoe and the Bay Area have always shared a close-knit bond. In the summer, carloads of parents, in-laws, kids, cousins, and dogs have trekked from Marin, San Francisco, Berkeley, Redwood City, and everywhere in between to make the annual sojourn for the Lake Tahoe vacation ritual. The entire family gathered on Lake Tahoe’s beaches, braved the crystal-clear water, and hiked up to Eagle LakeMt. Tallac and Freel Peak.

Then, when snow would fall, the scene would go on repeat – only with skis and boards in lieu of inflatables and beach towels.

In the end, though, everyone in the family realized a simple truth: the two-week summer vacations and numerous winter weekend runs to HeavenlyKirkwood, and Sierra-at-Tahoe, didn’t qualify you as a ”Tahoe local.”

But things are evolving in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Gondola Vista Estates – The Next Generation of Tahoe Living

Regulators have recently granted building permits to certain highly regarded developers. 

And where once there was a moratorium, now there’s limited – mind you, very limited – new-home construction. 

Gondola Vista, located on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe, is one of the most notable of these new developments. 

In a deft land purchase, the Gondola Vista development team opted to construct their luxurious modern rustic homes in a secluded, tree-shrouded rise overlooking the vibrant town of South Lake Tahoe. Paradoxically, the community is hidden and ensconced among the Jeffrey and Sugar pines, yet literally within steps of practically everything Lake Tahoe.

Live the Local Life

For example, the city of South Lake Tahoe and its diversity in dining, live entertainment, shopping and people watching is literally within walking distance of the homes. As are Lakeside Beach and Edgewood Tahoe’s legendary tees. 

For those wanting a break from humanity, Van Sickle – a state park that lies within both Nevada and California – forms Gondola Vista’s eastern boundary. In other words, no worry about new neighbors infringing upon your peace and quiet and access to the Tahoe Rim Trail and surrounding hiking and mountain biking.

There’s a yin to the yang, though

There are only 20 homes available for purchase. Regulators may have allowed building within the Tahoe Basin. But they certainly haven’t thrown open the gates to any contractor with a dream and a hammer.

So back to those annual Lake Tahoe summer and Lake Tahoe winter treks. Consider how wonderful it would be to own Lake Tahoe real estate. Where you could store your skis and stand-up paddle boards year round. And your family could have a Tahoe retreat to call all their own own. Where you could realize the dream of actually becoming a true-blue Tahoe local.

For more on Gondola Vista, visit GondolaVista.com