Marin’s May Dog-of-the-Month: JoJo & Rhi Rhi


Jojo and Rhi Rhi are doggie celebrities. They have their own Facebook and Instagram accounts, proudly curated by their owner, fashion designer Johnathan Uraias.

They started their lives out early in front of the camera, since the pair found their way to Jonathan through a CBS show called “Lucky Dog“. The seven-month-old pair grew up together, but were surrendered for being untrainable. As part of the show, the host not only taught them a bit of discipline, but also prepared them to “fly the friendly skies”, and even paddle board.

Below, their owner Johnathan tells us more about this lovable pair.


Paddleboard training with Brandon on “Lucky Dog”.

1. Where did you meet?

JoJo and Rhi Rhi are both rescues who came into my life through a CBS daytime TV show named “Lucky Dog” which airs on Saturday mornings with host Brandon McMillan; he rescues unwanted shelter dogs and finds them their forever home with a new family. My ex and I both lost our dogs within the same year (13 years and 14 years old) and were lucky enough to have been chosen to appear on the show; I can’t believe it has been three years since we fell in love with these two little angels and were blessed to welcome them into our lives. JoJo and Rhi Rhi were professionally trained by Brandon to fit into our lifestyle and our home.  


Watch a preview their episode here (The full episode is available on CBS):

2. What is their favorite snack?

JoJo and Rhi Rhi LOVE the chicken strips from Just For Dogs and on weekends after playtime at the dog park. They also love to stop by Pet Food Express where they get to see all of their friends (who always have a treat or two ready for them) and get to pick out a treat to take home and enjoy before they curl up on the bed for some much needed after-dog-park-fun “nap time” (unfortunately, pig ears seem to be their “go-to” treats).

3. Do they have any favorite trails or parks?

JoJo & Rhi Rhi look forward to weekends, because my Saturday and Sunday mornings are strictly devoted to them. We love to wake up early, head over to Starbucks so dad can grab his Grande Mocha, then head over to the Mill Valley Dog Park where they love to run freely and play with all of the other dogs (they love to play chase with dad too!).

If it is especially nice out, we head over to Fairfax for their favorite hike around Bon Tempe Lake; where they love to get muddy and bark at all the ducks they see swimming there. During the week before I head out to work, they love to take walks along the Tiburon Historical Trail.

4. Do they sleep in your bed?

But of course! They are the best snuggle buddies anyone could ask for. I have a king size bed and always find myself waking up on the edge of the bed every morning, while JoJo and Rhi Rhi take up the other three quarters of the bed. I couldn’t even imagine disturbing their sleep or making them uncomfortable (I wouldn’t have it any other way!).

5. What’s the origin of their names?

My ex and are big music fans, so the girls were named after our favorite songs from two of our favorite performers/bands: JoJo is Jolene, from Dolly Parton, and Rhi Rhi is Rhiannon, from Fleetwood Mac (everyone always assumes we named Rhi Rhi after Rhianna, but that is definitely not who she was named after).

6. Tell us something unique about them.

On “Lucky Dog”, Brandon asked us lots of questions about our active lifestyles and our careers; he then takes this information and utilizes it to train the dogs to fit into our lives. Both of our careers required lots of travel and our active lifestyles included everything from hiking to paddle boarding; so Brandon professionally trained JoJo and Rhi Rhi to fly in carryon dog carriers.

So the next time you travel, you just might see JoJo and Rhi Rhi onboard your flight! Or if you happen to like water activities and see us out on the water paddle boarding, please say hello. JoJo and Rhi Rhi love making new friends.

Oh, and because the girls have a few fans from the show, they also have their own Facebook page and Instagram account. They love to share their many adventures with all of their fans and always welcome a new follower or two.

Also, please remember: adopt don’t shop.

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