Bay Area Companies Dedicated to Women’s Health — and Happiness

These Bay-Area-based women’s health products and companies are dedicated to improving wellness and comfort in all stages of a woman’s life. Forever, women’s health has been on the back burner, leaving over half the population navigating their changing bodies without the proper tools and communities. These companies are determined to drive change. From supplements to skincare and even a personalized online care provider specializing in menopause, check out local Bay Area women making a difference in women’s health.


These seaweed-based bites are vegan, gluten-free and have no added sugar. Seaweed is nature’s multivitamin with 10 times more minerals than land plants and more fiber per ounce than fruits and veggies. Some of the benefits experienced by those who eat these daily are more energy, balanced hormones, less bloating and constipation. Finally, seaweed acts as a super effective carbon sink, so the more grown and sustainably harvested, the more carbon is sequestered.


Hormonally, Marin Wellness, Bay Area Women
Photo Courtesy of Hormonally

Hormonally is a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco dedicated to improving all women’s health outcomes and well-being. The “Hormone Hub” provides resources for women to understand how their bodies change from first period to menopause and anything in between. Their mission is for every woman to feel in control when making decisions about their hormone health and the company wants women to feel in control when making informed decisions about their hormone health. 


Bay Area Womens Health MenoWell
Photo Courtesy of MenoWell

MenoWell Energy + Protein Bars are a tasty and easy solution for women navigating menopause. Formulated to address sugar cravings, these bars tackle stubborn weight gain and enhance energy levels by providing delicious, plant-powered, low-calorie and gluten-free snacks or mini-meals. MenoWell is endorsed by OBGYNs and clinical nutritionists specializing in menopause, who emphasize the crucial link between improved nutrition and a more manageable menopausal journey. 


Bay Area Womens Health Stripes
Photo Courtesy of Stripes

Stripes is revolutionizing the approach to menopause. Their skincare aims to be at the forefront with holistic solutions that nurture both body and mind, regardless of where individuals are in their menopausal journey. Science-backed solutions and natural, sustainable ingredients prioritize the best results for consumers and the planet’s well-being. By dismantling the stigma, shame and anxiety surrounding menopause, Stripes champions the simple yet profound truth that menopause is just one facet of midlife.


Evernow, Women's Health, Bay Area
Photo Courtesy of Evernow

Evernow is comprehensive online care and personalized support throughout perimenopause, menopause and beyond. Their platform allows women access to trusted experts, including menopause society-certified doctors and nurses, to create customized care plans co-developed with providers that integrate evidence-based treatments such as prescription medications, validated supplements, self-guided programs and more. Enjoy ongoing support anytime, anywhere, with the ability to track symptoms, 24/7 messaging and medication adjustments through the online platform or mobile app.