Celebrating Local Women: Marin’s Women of Impact 2022

women of impact

Our community is filled with successful, inspiring business women. From interior designers and real estate agents to financial advisors and medical professionals, these individuals excel at what they do and the services they provide. On the following pages, get to know these purpose-driven women who ensure that our needs are met from home to health and beyond.

Brit Morin is on a Mission to Help Women Realize Their Potential — the Founder, Columnist and Podcaster Shares How With her Latest Venture, Selfmade

brit and co

Brit Morin has already forged a path to success through her women’s lifestyle and education platform Brit + Co, her iHeartRadio Podcast, Teach Me Something New, and as cofounder of the $100 million VC fund Offline Ventures.

But the 35-year-old Mill Valley resident’s latest venture speaks to her values and passion: to help women reach their potential. That’s the inspiration for Selfmade, a 10-week business accelerator she founded for female entrepreneurs. Read more.

13 Women Leaders Share Empowering Advice for Women on the Rise

Bold, inspirational, compassionate and collaborative: these are just a few words to describe the 13 women highlighted on this list — all movers and shakers in their respective fields. And not only are these women at the top of their career game, they support and inspire the women on the rise around them. From growing a career to growing a social media following to drive change, from saving money to saving the planet, these 13 women trailblazers share inspirational words of wisdom that can be applied to any career field or life challenge. And the advice doesn’t stop with this list — read on then click through after each person to read about even more incredible women. Read more.

Architectural Design Carpets

The Foundation of Your Home Starts With Us

Architectural Design Carpets

Paid Partnership

Debbie Duering, owner of Architectural Design Carpets, and her team of creative, dedicated flooring experts, have been leaders in the Bay Area flooring industry since 1990. Kate Googins has been Debbie’s right hand for over 20 years; Nicole Kerr has been with ADC for 10 years; Lisa Almquist joined the team just last year. They have a passion for exquisite design and vivid colors and their customer service is personalized to your lifestyle while taking into account your project’s future design style. Using ingenuity, these women constantly think outside the box. Their attention to detail is not only a level of standard at ADC but part of their creative nature. These ladies excel in the top flooring trends ranging from carpet, hardwood, custom area rugs to commercial flooring. ADC Carpets works with the Bay Area’s top interior designers, architects, and realtors on both residential and commercial properties.

1111 Francisco Blvd East San Rafael, 415.458.1717

Fighting for Change: How Three Young Women in Marin Organized a Protest In Support of Black Lives Matter in Only 4 Days

Ayannah and Ari Green. Photo by Cameron Cressman.

Across the country young people have taken an unrelenting lead in calling for social justice. They have used their technical skills to amplify their moral authority, creating marches and protests in small suburban neighborhoods, through major city streets, around plazas and across bridges. In Marin City, Tamalpais High student Williams, Willow Creek Academy P.E. teacher Egenlauf, and Tuskegee University student Morgan-Woodard, turned to mentors and fellow community activists to support their vision. Austin, who is CEO and founder of Marin City-based nonprofit PlayMarin and a mentor to all three young women, was elemental in encouraging them to take the reins. “It was time for the youth to lead,” says Austin. “They were like, Oh, you’re not going to attach your organization to the march? And I was like, no, this is about the youth leading this, I’m just going to help you guys make sure you have what you need.” Read more.

Three Women Tap Into Brit Morin’s Selfmade Program to Kickstart Their Businesses

Emily Teng

Brit Morin launched Selfmade, a 10-week online business accelerator program for female entrepreneurs. With an impressive and growing roster of instructors, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Tyra Banks and a many successful female entrepreneurs and CEOs, Selfmade’s team teaches women essential business-building skills, from idea development and marketing to distribution and raising funds. Here are three women who have used Selfmade to jumpstart their entrepreneurial ambitions. Read more.

Dr. Karen Horton

Warm, Welcoming And State-Of-The-Art Outpatient Plastic Surgery in Pacific Heights

dr karen horton

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To look good is to feel great! Dr. Karen Horton is proud to announce the opening of her new state-of-the-art AAAASF accredited Plastic Surgery Center in Pacific Heights, San Francisco. “I am thrilled about our beautiful brand-new office! It’s so light, bright, modern, professional, and features the most advanced medical equipment,” says Dr. Horton. Safety and the highest quality services are paramount to Dr. Horton’s practice, and this new space allows her team to offer care at a premier level. It’s also conveniently located in Suite 520 of the Pacific Professional building (just across the hall from her former office!). With easy parking and access from Marin—or anywhere in the Bay Area—it’s easy to get the results you want, from women who understand your needs.Integrity, aesthetic artistry and commitment to patients have made Dr. Horton one of the Bay Area’s most sought-after Plastic Surgeons. She specializes in natural looking cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for women with lasting results; all outpatient procedures are performed with meticulous attention to detail by her all-woman operating room team. A Plastic Surgery patient herself, Dr. Horton is uniquely equipped to counsel and advise on the latest in treatments. “My role as a Plastic Surgeon is to educate, inform, and empower women,” says Dr. Horton. She shares her own experiences within her website blog series, where clients can also learn about the latest developments in various restorative and reconstruction treatments.

2100 Webster Street, #520San Francisco 415.923.3067

“Raising The Barre”

Marika Sakellariou


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Innovation and creativity are the driving forces in Marika Sakellariou’s life and the thread which integrates her rich professional career. From dance and exercise, to property remodeling and real estate, Ms. Sakellariou has the ability to distill to the “essence” the uniqueness embedded in each of these fields. Ms. Sakellariou was born in Athens, Greece and has lived in Marin for more than 30 years. She became a distinguished dancer and choreographer throughout the U.S. and and Europe. Her skill as a teacher led to faculty positions at Dominican College, College of Marin, UC Berkeley and Colorado Mountain College in Aspen. The pinnacle of her dance career came with her appointment as director and resident choreographer for the San Francisco Opera Ballet for which she choreographed over 40 ballets. Always a seeker, Ms. Sakellariou segued her innovative focus into several successful companies and products for the fitness industry. Because of her love for architecture and her passion for modern design, Marika was drawn to real estate. It is in this arena that her discipline, using light and architectural form blossomed in an award winning Eichler remodel that brought her international recognition. Marika is a luxury home specialist with Coldwell Banker Realty. “Your home is more than just a home, it’s Center Stage!”

Coldwell Banker Realty 511 Sir Francis Drake Blvd Greenbrae

415.713.8848, [email protected]

Two Women Working for Positive Change

Cynthia Nimmo

Cynthia Nimmo, CEO of Women’s Funding Network and Danielle O’Leary, Economic Development Director, City of San Rafael.

Sarah Neil, CEO, The Cooperative Cleaning Company (CCC)

40 Years of Meticulous Housekeeping

women of impact 2022

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A native of France, Sarah holds a master’s from Sorbonne in Paris, and speaks eight languages. With a background in art curation, and a collection of fine French antique furniture, Sarah’s homes have always been known for that certain ‘je ne sais quoi,’ and for being meticulously clean. So, when family and friends in Paris heard that she acquired the premier housekeeping company in the Bay Area, no one was surprised. “When I told them what I did they all said that it made perfect sense, and I guess it does. Now I do for the most beautiful homes in Marin County and the East Bay, what I have always done for mine.” CCC delivers exceptional housekeeping service using Certified Green products. We rank among the top housekeeping companies in the Bay Area according to a well-known consumer service rating agency and benefit from a loyal customer base of over 220 clients, some of whom have been with us since we opened in 1987. Just as important, we are a living wage employer, offering our W2 employees compensation well in excess of minimum wage, Platinum level Kaiser, Delta Dental and VSP health benefits, paid holidays, paid vacations, and new for 2022, a 401K plan.

Creating an Iconic National Park in San Francisco: The Women Building the Presidio Tunnel Tops

Presidio Tunnel Tops Team

The Presidio Tunnel Tops is reaching its completion in spring 2022, the result of an extraordinary campaign that raised funds entirely through philanthropic means. “The project has been completely paid for through philanthropic dollars raised by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, without costing taxpayers a dime,” explains Rania Rayes, Senior Project Manager in the Park Design & Construction Department of the Presidio Trust. “The Presidio Tunnel Tops project will add much-needed outdoor space for all to the Bay Area, especially during a time when having an escape from urban pressures has become more vital than ever. In the course of the Presidios’ transformation from an army post to a national park site, this project is the city’s most significant in terms of size and impact and we can’t wait for the community and travelers to get to experience it. Through every design aspect of this project, we’ve worked with the community to understand what they want from this new park and make it a beneficial space for all.” Read more.

Chambers + Chambers


Paid Partnership

Chambers + Chambers Architects is a boutique firm focused on custom residential architecture and interior design services. Located in Mill Valley, Chambers + Chambers has become a recognized brand in Marin. Known for elaborate detail and symmetry, Barbara’s award-winning designs are inspired by her passion for classical architecture.

Sallie Krawcheck’s Mission: Getting More Money Into the Hands of Women

Sallie Krawcheck

Recently Krawcheck, who serves as Ellevest CEO, shared her vision at Invest for Kids’ annual Women’s Event, this year held online. Invest for Kids harnesses the power of the investment industry to benefit underprivileged children in Chicago. In conversation with Jenny Fortner, Director of Impact and Engagement at Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund, Krawcheck explained how investing for women intersects with sustainable investing, because, as she likes to say, “Only good things happen when women have more money.” Read more.

Eva Claiborne

Master Aesthetician

women of impact 2022

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Master Aesthetician, Eva of Eva Claiborne Beauty and Wellness in Tiburon, has been providing the highest level of skin care, spa therapies and perioperative aesthetic services for over 35+ years. She is passionate about skin care and is consistently recognized as the premier provider of facials in Marin County.

86 B Main Street, Tiburon 415.435.4326

The Trailblazing Women Who Shaped Marin

Marin women history
Elizabeth Thacher Kent handing out flyers. Photo courtesy of Library of Congress.

Ever feel grateful that Stinson Beach is a pristine natural coastal park rather than a Coney Island–style boardwalk? Ever notice how Marin’s central throughway, Highway 101, offers wideopen views of Richardson Bay, Mount Tamalpais and Big Rock Ridge, unmarred by ugly billboards? And have you hiked, biked or camped overnight on Angel Island and wondered how we Marinites got so lucky? Well, it was not luck that made it Marin County what it is today. It was badass women. Read more.

HELLO Modern Massage

Kari Iverson, CMT, RYT

women of impact 2022

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Massage is a unique way to “move” your body, with all of the same health benefits as exercise. Known for her finely detailed deep tissue work, Kari helps clients overcome chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, returning to the activities they love. Thoroughly results-driven, and with very firm pressure, she has helped many of her clients avoid costly surgeries.

90 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley, 415.823.2155

PowerBar Founder Jennifer Maxwell on the Launch of Her New JAMBAR Energy Bars, Inspired by Her Love of Music

Jennifer Maxwell

Since 1987, Jennifer Maxwell has been powering the fitness world with energy bars. Maxwell, who founded PowerBar with her late husband, Brian Maxwell, sold the company in 2000 to Nestle. When her husband passed away suddenly in 2004, she took some time to heal and to raise her six children, but soon set about crafting an energy bar for a new generation. Read more.

Monica Gray-Fong

Co Owner: Nice Guys Delivery

women of impact 2022

Paid Partnership

Two weeks after the birth of their first son, Nice Guys Delivery was incorporated in 2016 by Monica Gray-Fong and her husband Adam Fong. The couple, Marin County residents, saw firsthand how cannabis brings relief to people with illness as both of their fathers had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease that same year but they struggled to obtain quality cannabis and service in the area. Hence, Adam and Monica started Nice Guys Delivery, a knowledgeable, high-level enterprise that offers the highest-grade flowers, edibles, lotions, teas, tinctures and more. Monica grew up in Mill Valley CA and attended Old Mill, Mill Valley Middle School and Tamalpais High School. After graduating from Tamalpais High School, Monica attended UCLA where she obtained her BA in World Arts and Cultures. Directly after graduating, she flew out to New York City and spent 7 years working in product development in Footwear and Apparel where she worked at Calvin Klein and Jcrew. She then moved to Los Angeles and worked at Skechers before moving back to Marin to work at a startup footwear company located in San Rafael called Vionic Shoes. While continuing to navigate the complexities of the cannabis industry, Monica also volunteers on the Board of Directors at the Center for Domestic Peace, which leads a comprehensive community effort to end domestic violence in Marin County.

415.855.5914 [email protected]

Women Taking the Reins at Marin’s Family Farms

Channeling ancestral pioneers is practically built into the DNA of the farmers and ranchers of West Marin. Dating back to the late 1800s, the great-grandparents of the current crop of farmers in the region often left Europe together, setting out for a life in the United States where they could build farms and community. Five and six generations on, that pioneering spirit is still going strong in West Marin. Longtime heritage farms are still producing dairy, beef and ducks, but are building entirely new businesses sourced from these agricultural products so central to earlier generations’ livelihoods. This new wave of farmers includes men, women and families — but it is the women who are increasingly taking the reins. Read more.

Northcoast Tile and Stone

Design, Fabricate and Install

Paid Partnership

North Coast Tile & Stone has been helping people navigate the challenges of wildfires and COVID-19 for the past three years. NCTS continues to be a company that strives to provide the best service to their clients, no matter the challenge or hardship. We work to make sure every detail is correct, and are mindful of all requests. We have a dedicated team that is ready to work for you, and we look forward to helping turn your project into reality. Martha leads the showroom team in working with architects, contractors, designers and homeowners with a confident, thoughtful and professional attitude. We are a one stop shop that offers – design and installation services, as well as a wide variety of stone and tile. One client said, “Being in Martha’s showroom is like being in her own home. The care and time that was taken with my project made us feel like family.” Please call with any questions, or how to make appointments with us during this time.

3854 Santa Rosa Avenue Santa Rosa 707.586.2064

Rhea Suh Takes the Helm at the Marin Community Foundation, an Organization Dedicated to Making a Difference in the Lives of Others

philanthropist rhea suh
Photo courtesy of Jacquelyn Warner

When Rhea Suh, the recently appointed president and CEO of the Marin Community Foundation (MCF) told friends and family she was moving back to Marin County from the East Coast, there was one response. “No one ever asked, why are you moving there?” Suh says. “It was always, how did you get the opportunity to move back to Marin?” Suh, an Obama administration appointee to the Department of the Interior and past president of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), has family in Marin and considers the move “coming home.” She is also highly aware of what a rarefied privilege it is to live in Marin County, and says she hopes to use her position at the leading philanthropic organization in the North Bay to help Marin residents better respond to the needs and vulnerabilities of the communities in the county. Read more.

Helen Abe

Senior Vice President Financial Advisor

Paid Partnership

Helen Abe was born and raised in San Francisco. Her immigrant parents worked hard and sacrificed to raise a large family. They taught their children the importance of living within your means. “My mother literally saved pennies and proved that it’s not what you earn, but what you save that matters”. Helen said. With strong values, Helen set out to achieve her financial objectives while helping others to achieve their financial dreams. She makes it a point to listen and to acknowledge each person’s concerns and circumstances. Her approach is to keep it simple, understandable and tailored to each individual. Some people are comfortable working with a woman; although less than 20% of financial advisors are women. Many widows, needing help understanding their own finances; have engaged Helen for help after their husbands had passed away. Helen believes in helping others to live a life that makes them happy. She believes that we should focus on what we want out of life instead of being fearful.

RBC Wealth Management, 300B Drakes Landing Road, Ste 155 • Greenbrae 415.445.8468

Division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC, Member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC. All rights reserved

Cheryl Berman, Erin Clifford, Zoe Elton, Nurit Raphael, Kathy Roeser — What We Can Learn From These Women on the Rise

Several years ago, on International Women’s Day, former First Lady Michelle Obama famously said, “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

There’s also another saying that behind every successful man is a great woman— but it’s not always true the other way around. Sometimes it’s a great woman behind, or even in front of, another great woman. When women support other women as mentors,  friends, or simply as role models who have worked hard to get where they are, they unblock obstacles and create paths for other women to follow.

Make It Better Media Group founder Susan Noyes underscored that point when she recently led a Celebrating Women on the Rise panel discussion with a group of women who are shining examples of success, determination and innovation. The diverse panel included a successful wealth advisor, an innovator in the cannabis space, a film festival founder, a creative branding guru and a lawyer and wellness coach. Read more.

Nadia Tarlow

Fitness Reimagined at Fit Marin

women of impact 2022

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Nadia Tarlow has been in the fitness business for over ten years. Her passion for fitness began a few years before that when she started exercising regularly herself and quickly recognized the benefits. She had more energy and was physically stronger. But it was the mental strength she gained that most surprised her. She founded GET FIT MARIN – FITNESS REIMAGINED to help others change their lives through exercise. Nadia knows that even people with the same goals need a unique exercise approach. Young, old, new to exercise or a pro, GFM is a place where clients are welcomed and individualized. Using state-of-the-art equipment, including an infrared sauna and the only bioDensity device (a proven method to reduce osteoporosis) in Marin, she works with clients to customize their workout program to help ensure their goals are met. Power Plate sessions are also offered, affording whole body vibration to keep muscles and joints strong for better performance and faster recovery.

To Nadia, GET FIT MARIN is more than a name, it’s a mission.

5768 Paradise Drive, Suite K, Corte Madera 415.945.9778

San Anselmo Nonprofit Side by Side Names Dr. Christine Isana Garcia CEO

christine garcia side by side ceo

Side by Side, the San Anselmo-based nonprofit that serves vulnerable youth in four Bay Area counties, has announced the appointment of Dr. Christine Isana Garcia as CEO. She succeeds Mary Denton, who recently retired after over 20 years of service. Her appointment is the result of a six-month national search led by a board-appointed search committee. Read more.

California Girl Jewelry

There’s Only One

women of impact 2022

Paid Partnership

Mother/daughter owners of the contemporary jewelry boutique in Mill Valley that specializes in rare, colored gemstone and custom jewelry, and repair. They source the finest, rare jewels from all over the world adorned by their strikingly beautiful settings creating sparkling perfection. “Our feminine designs sets us apart from the highly traditional, male-dominated world of fine jewelry.” Shop local.

Strawberry Village Shopping Center, Mill Valley • 650.504.0646

Mountain Top Construction

Bringing A Feminine Look To Construction

Paid Partnership

While construction is a male-dominated career, there is a notable increase of women entering this area, in various roles, adding value and bringing a more pleasant approach to the field. Karla Salgado, Olimpia Moreno (pictured) and Nofar Ifrah are three of those women who broke through the glass ceiling and are making a difference in the sector. As Project Managers at Mountain Top Construction, a locally operated and owned company, they are responsible for keeping construction projects synchronized from beginning to end, always focusing on the client’s satisfaction. A key asset to Mountain Top Construction is that we are consistent in providing quality service throughout the dynamic construction process. Our Project Managers effectively communicate and create rapport with our clients. With years of experience in the sector, Karla Salgado mentions, “The best part of working in construction is that it is an ever-changing workplace that provides me with new learning opportunities every day. I am always exchanging ideas with my clients and expanding my knowledge”. Mountain Top Construction is a full-service General Contracting company in the San Francisco Bay area and Marin County. We specialize in residential and commercial building projects.

San Rafael

These Family Women Made Us Who We Are. What About You?

Although male figures dominate history books, ask anyone about the family leaders who helped them grow into successful adults, and chances are you’ll hear about women. Grandmothers, moms, older sisters and aunts inspire young people to grow, achieve and help others.

This is especially true in the family of Make It Better Media Group founder Susan Noyes. She recently sat down for a virtual Fireside Chat, “The Power of Your Family Stories: Be Inspired By Three Generations,” with four family members. Read more.

Charlotte Bernstrom

Swedish American Artist

women of impact 2022

Paid Partnership

Charlotte is a Marin resident, from a long line of Swedish painters, all of whom had a strong connection with Nature. Her contemporary canvases express poetic explorations of the deep-rooted relationship we have with the natural world, embodying the emotional realm. Through feeling, she takes us on a journey to what we inherently know; We are irrevocably linked to Nature.

Robert Green Fine Arts, 415.381.8776154, Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley

Women on the Rise: 13 Expert Tips from Women Leaders

Marin Magazine’s annual Celebrating Women event took a different form this year — a virtual conversation between influential, national experts. Cheryl Berman, Chief Creative and CEO of unbundled Creative, and Julie Castro Abrams, CEO of How Women Lead and GP of How Women Invest, joined our own Susan Noyes, Leah Bronson and Mimi Towle for an inspirational discussion about women in business — in the Bay Area and beyond. A blessing in disguise, this digital pivot allowed attendants from across the country, even around the world, to connect with and learn from women making waves in the business world. Renowned guest panelists Cheryl Berman and Julie Castro Abrams shared tips and advice for women in, or pursuing, leadership positions. Read more.

Sofia Jewelry

Custom Creations and Bespoke Designs

women of impact 2022

Paid Partnership

Sophie’s love of business came from her parents who started Sofia Jewelry in 1994. It was there that she learned how important small businesses are to communities. As the owner of Sofia Jewelry and Johann Paul Fine Jewelry, Sophie is honored to share her passions with the Marin community. All while adding extra sparkle to your everyday celebrations!

80 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley 415.388-8776

Women-Centric Films Star at the DocLands Documentary Film Festival

Amy Tan: Unintended Memoir
Courtesy of KPJR FILMS

Celebrating its fifth year, the DocLands Documentary Film Festival has been working to build an active, involved, and fully supportive community around documentary film since its launch in 2017. In a year where Covid-19 could have easily thrown a wrench into the works, we applaud festival director Joni Cooper for pulling off this event despite a global pandemic.

One of the festival’s main goals is to promote gender equality, and since May is a month about women, we have selected three participating films to highlight that are either about women or directed by women. Grab your popcorn and settle in for some good home viewing! Read more.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

50 Years of Commitment

women of impact 2022

Paid Partnership

Elizabeth Suzuki expresses leadership and commitment through both her architectural firm and community involvement. Leading the team at Sutton Suzuki Architects or supporting several community organizations, she brings that unstoppable quality of dedication. Ranging from Mill Valley Rotary and Chamber to SF Marin Food Bank and 10,000 Degrees, she brings passion, enthusiasm and 30 years of commitment.

4 Women-Owned Restaurants in Marin That Are Still Thriving Despite the Pandemic

Mama And Lisa Suthipipat

She’s the boss! Throughout the county, women are helming restaurants in the most volatile environment — and thriving. Go online to learn how they handled the pandemic. Read more.

Leigh Bakhtiari

Building Dreams From The Ground Up

women of impact 2022

Paid Partnership

Few women in the Bay Area hold the credentials that Leigh Bakhtiari has earned in her 29-year career in the flooring business. Her leadership has helped shape a variety of flooring advisory councils with recommendations for best flooring practices, installation techniques and product development. As a business owner, she is proud of her sales & design team who has been working with her for over 20 years and her expert installers who have been with her since the doors opened in 1993. While the success of City Carpets highlights her business acumen, it is her service to the community which makes her a true woman of impact. Having raised 5 children in Marin, Leigh remains committed to supporting local schools and youth programs such as Youth in Arts and Italian Street Painting Marin. With her professional focus on the importance of a beautiful, safe and healthy home, her personal focus is to support programs that help find solutions for people experiencing homelessness in Marin and Sonoma County; including Homeward Bound of Marin, Grateful Gatherings, The Living Room, and Adopt a Family of Marin. She is also an avid supporter of the Milo Foundation where she rescued her beloved dogsper.

City Carpets 555 E. Francisco Blvd San Rafael 415.454.4200 CSL #746886

The First Ever Women’s Dipsea Hike

Marin Mag, Dipsea hike

“FROM MY OWN observation, I believe that a woman, equally trained and in the same physical condition as a man, is more game, more tenacious and has greater endurance.” Those are the 1918 words of Olympic Club member George James, aka “the Sultan of the Dipsea.” He organized the first Women’s Dipsea Hike, a female version of the renowned scenic and grueling roughly seven-mile footrace from downtown Mill Valley over Mount Tam’s shoulder to Stinson Beach that men had been running since 1905. Read more.

Penna Omega

Owner, Rims & Googles Optical Boutique

women of impact 2022

Paid Partnership

The eye exam experience has always felt a little bland, so we jumped at the chance to put our spin on the traditional Dr’s visit–turning it into a chic experience!” Rims & Goggles will soon offer vision exams in their new tele-optometry atelier! The opticians you know & trust + handmade eyewear + the ease of tele-medicine is a win-win for our clientele!

606 Strawberry Village, Mill Valley • 415.383.9480

EB Academics

Helping Teachers Thrive Again

women of impact 2022

Paid Partnership

Co-Founders of EB Academics and authors of The Empowered ELA Teacher Mitchell and Jessica Cannata, provide thousands of teachers across the world with reliable and engaging resources. Together they also offer numerous inspirational trainings and a supportive community to empower educators. Their mission is to help each teacher on a personal level, not just within the classroom setting.


Rowena Finnegan, Founder of Eco-Terric

women of impact 2022

Paid Partnership

If you’re highly allergic and sensitive to environmental toxins, Rowena Finegan has beautiful news for you. You’ll find sustainable, non-toxic, chemical-free home furnishings in her store and on her website. Rowena is uncompromising in her selections of furniturerpeting, window coverings, and accents. And she is also happy to help you design your healthy interior spaces with elegance and style.

323 Pine Street, Sausalito • For Appt: [email protected]

Remembering San Francisco Native Betty Ann Ong, the First Person to Alert Authorities About the 9/11 Terror Attacks

betty ann ong
Photo courtesy of Ong Family

It wasn’t long after the world became aware of what happened that the phrase “never forget” became attached to the horrific attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The family of Betty Ann Ong has lived that mantra daily for the last 20 years, grieving her loss, remembering her kindness and carrying on her legacy through the foundation named after her. “There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t feel the shock and grief of losing Betty,” her brother Harry Ong says. Read more.

Marcia Skall, MBA Jennifer Glassman

Marin is a Lifestyle

women of impact 2022

Paid Partnership

We believe in relationships, quality of service, and the delivery of a real estate experience that is nothing short of exceptional. It’s a mouthful, we know, but it’s true and is what drives our—and your—success. Having lived and raised our children in Marin for a combined 37 years, we are deeply engrained in our community and are familiar with Marin’s best schools, neighborhoods, and unique microclimates. Our successful backgrounds in Corporate America have laid the foundation, so to speak, for our expertise in the art of negotiation, business ethics, and communication, all serving as the pillars for our clients’ satisfaction. This extensive knowledge allows us to market not only your home, but the one-of-a-kind lifestyle it represents. We recently focused our efforts to sell the highest price-per-square-foot home in Belvedere in 2020 in the $5M to $7M price range, and also had the highest sale in the Via Los Altos neighborhood in 2021. Currently, we have seven listings hitting the market. Intrigued? We’d love to connect with you. We are stewards of our communities, consummate professionals, mothers, and women who are dedicated to what we believe in—the power of our partnership. Whether maximizing the value of your home, or finding the home of your dreams, we invite you to discover the difference with us.

189 Sir Francis Drake Blvd Greenbrae [email protected] Jennifer: 415.309.5331 Marcia: 415.533.5721

Women Leading Family Businesses

Illustration by Stefania Infante

When Hali Croner, CEO of The Croner Company in Kentfield, took over the business from her father and his business partner in 1999, her father gave her the greatest gift of all: he let her run the show.

Mel Croner started the company in 1978 as a boutique compensation and benefits consulting firm and soon took on a business partner, Pete Culver. In 1989, Croner’s oldest daughter, Hali, joined the firm. At the time, the company was conducting surveys on how much people earned in various fields, but Hali was its first employee to look at compensation in the emerging world of video game production. Since she’s taken charge, the company’s 20-or-so employees have continued to branch out and now produce nine annual industry-specific surveys, monitoring pay packages for workers in everything from animation to digital content to biotech. Read more.

Belle Marin Aesthetic Medicine

Empowering Women With The Highest Level of Aesthetic Care

Paid Partnership

Dr. Faye Jamali, founder of state-of-the-art medical spa Belle Marin Aesthetic Medicine in Mill Valley, sees aesthetic medicine as an art. That’s why you may feel enchanted upon entering this effortlessly chic aesthetic boutique in Northern California. Belle Marin aims to help women age gracefully and joyfully at every stage of life. “Women are the glue, we hold everything together,” says Dr. Jamali. “We work hard, and we deserve to look and feel our absolute best while doing it. We also deserve to enjoy our pursuit of self-care, which is exactly what I believe aesthetic medicine to be. ”Dr. Jamali’s service menu features the most advanced self-care services, and she continues to add more. “It’s not about trends,” cautions Dr. Jamali, “it’s about providing the absolute best results with comfort and convenience.” This informs her recent additions: truSculpt® iD non-invasive fat reduction, truSculpt® flex+ non-invasive muscle toning and Secret® RF microneedling for tightening, lifting and smoothing skin on the face and body with ease. To learn more about Belle Marin Aesthetic Medicine, please call 415.887.8718 today! Photo credit: Steven J. Magner Photography.

250 E. Blithedale Avenue, Suite B Mill Valley 415.887.8718 [email protected]

Lamperti Contracting and Design

Women in Business is Essential For Innovation

Paid Partnership

Lamperti Contracting & Design is celebrating its team of professional women who shine in the design-build industry. The all-female design group continues to break biases and is paving the way for the next generation of female professionals to become leaders and innovators in the design/build world. Jenny Meyers, Residential Designer, brings more than 20 years’ experience to the design team, focusing on creative and innovative kitchen and bath remodels. Kylie Rankin, Designer, graduated from Sacramento State, Interior Architecture, and excels at space planning binet design, product procurement, and project management. Casey Mazzoni chose a career as a Designer because she enjoys the creative process of making a home renovation project a beautiful reality. Kelsey Shoemaker, Executive Assistant and collaborator is highly organized, determined, and willing to take on any task. As owners, Jennifer, and Sean Kelly value these brilliant females that make Lamperti Contracting & Design the best design/build firm in the industry. Our all-female design team is eager to create the kitchen, bathroom, and home of your dreams – with luxury finishes, quality and custom cabinetry. We’ll guide you on styles, trends and educate you on our in-house appliances. Visit us! The showroom is experiential, from custom cabinetry to luxury appliances Lamperti Contracting & Design has it all!

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